Stefano Bergomi Brand Desktop

Design and development of responsive websites.

Crafting engaging digital experiences through strategic web design, UX design process, optimization and online marketing.

Creating institutional websites, dedicated to products or services, e-commerce platforms, B2B or retail, is a complex activity that involves numerous aspects and considerations.

From the famous “idea” to the thrilling moment of go-live, which culminates in a sense of accomplishment shared with the client.

It’s satisfying to have transformed an idea into reality with the right shapes, contents and desired appearance.

After months of designing, analyzing user experience and usability, optimizing texts and SEO, producing images and design elements, it’s just a matter of raising a toast before diving into the next phase.

This phase involves analytics, testing, new content creation and digital marketing, to capture the essence.

I have a natural inclination towards a strategic and organized approach that encompasses the digital sphere, branding, online marketing, SEO, content creation and social media. I bring this expertise to the table with pleasure and determination.

It’s the result of my desire for growth, self-improvement, constant curiosity and the perpetual drive to learn and stay updated. It’s also the result of the countless hours dedicated to learning the intricacies of various project types.

These are the reasons why I now feel confident in offering comprehensive support when needed. It’s my value proposition that allows me to optimize activities and resources.

Main areas for website consultancy.
  • Strategy, feasibility, analysis and various brainstorming sessions to define the current state, requirements, steps, milestones, and project objectives.
  • Information architecture to define the information structure, elements, content, relationships and key functionalities of the project.
  • Wireframes, the initial step to obtain a visual representation of interfaces and an immediate overview of the overall structure of pages and key functionalities.
  • Functional prototypes to define the User Interface after the User-Centered design process of the project, obtain approval for the desired look and feel, including graphical elements and functionalities, and validate navigation. The depth and completeness of the prototype can vary based on project needs.

These web activities can be
fully or partially involved, depending on the speed or complexity of the intended structure.

Regarding project types, I collaborate to develop web and mobile business and retail platforms, corporate websites, product websites, e-commerce platforms and blogs.

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