Stefano Bergomi Brand Desktop

NFT Art projects, personal and artist collaborations.

Crypto enthusiast, creative and art lover, I create personal NFT projects and collaborate with artists.

I have been closely following the evolution of blockchain as a new technology and an opportunity to create innovative projects in various application contexts.

I am convinced that Web3 is here to stay and whenever I get the chance, I encourage anyone, regardless of their professional or personal interests, to learn at least the basic concepts of this phenomenon and its related technology.

As a crypto enthusiast, I go beyond speculative interests in cryptocurrencies and actively seek new possibilities for personal growth and knowledge.

As a creative person and art lover, I have delved into the topic of NFTs in the art world. I have evaluated and chosen an NFT art platform, completed the admission process to become a creator and gained firsthand experience in this field.

In my vision, art manifests through the realization of unique and authentic talents, allowing us to continue on a path of discovery and expression of personal emotions.

Understanding the value of an NFT in the art world in the broadest sense is not immediate. Moreover, this context has generated new forms of representation, not only in “traditional” manual art but also in programmatic art, often deviating from the classical imagery associated with art.

NFTs are a bubble! Bubbles have always existed; even the internet and e-commerce were considered bubbles that eventually burst. When this happens, it usually leads to regulatory measures and the mass adoption, favoring concrete, serious and useful projects.

At the very least, I will be able to enjoy my first collection, dedicated to a project I created in the early 2000s, which commemorates the San Siro stadium in Milan, which will likely have to turn off its lights.

In addition to various sentimental reasons, my initial goal was to learn the entire process required to conceive a small NFT art project in a very pragmatic sense, from registering on the platform to publishing the creations for sale.

The blockchain world is vast and still complex. Even the creation of a “basic” NFT project, without the claim of being a drop from a renowned artist or entity with advanced features, still involves carefully following certain steps.

I wanted to make them my own, at least on the platform I chose to use, before considering collaborations with other artists.

One banality that is worth reflecting on is that there is no “control+Z” available. Once you have minted an NFT, making modifications becomes impossible. In the digital world where we are accustomed to being able to correct everything, this is not a given.

Additionally, content production and tailored writing play a significant role. In this context, besides the artwork and visual representation itself (following the platform’s specifications).
There is also a need to write titles and descriptions of precise length, considerations for profile and collections.

Decisions must be made regarding the number of editions to be minted and sold, the pricing strategy, and the type of sale, whether it be auction or fixed price.

Creating my own NFT project immediately gave me the satisfaction of returning to using Adobe Animate, formerly known as Flash, for 2D animation, with pleasure and renewed consistency.
As always, everything in the world of design and technology comes full circle.

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