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Brand and Visual Identity

Brand and visual identity, the spark of each design system.

Brand design and visual identity consultancy, creation and development, from concept to recognition.

Books on advertising are fascinating, engaging and at the same time provide a dose of reality and practicality that fuels my desire to learn.

When I started exploring the vast library of my family’s creative director, hungry for new and valuable knowledge, one of the first books that caught my eye was “Hollywood Lave Plus Blanc” by Jacques Séguéla.
Perhaps that was the moment when the concept of “brand” took residence in my mind.

Every project deserves a brand that represents it effectively, correctly and pleasingly in all its manifestations. This is an essential step that cannot be overlooked and is, in many ways, one of the most challenging and demanding aspects when embarking on a new venture.

Brand, logo, pictogram, symbol, despite the still unclear use of these terms, one thing is certain: the easy and quick path is not the winning one. “Logos” designed hastily and without adequate and thorough research cannot be successful.

Encapsulating the meaning and values of a company in a unique and distinctive symbol involves a deep research process that, precisely when it will end, is unknown.

Sometimes we start from scratch, other times with general indications from the client. In any case, the beginning involves gathering as much information as possible about the topic, the idea, diving into the whirlwind of research, trials and quick sketches

Above all, it’s about experimenting. And at a certain point, suddenly, after all this research and manipulation of shapes and figures, strictly in vector format, it will appear.
It will make itself known, standing out clearly and unmistakably.

Creating a brand means following design rules, finding correlations, balance and harmony, expressing immediacy, simplicity and pleasantness in the elements and their relationships.
Only in this way can a brand meet the necessary requirements to satisfy you, if not forever, certainly for a long period.

This is what I strive to convey to every client when I make myself available for the cause, without watching the clock. It’s always a great satisfaction for me to create a new brand, which means not just “beautiful”, but also functional.

Large, small, very small. Positive and negative, in color and together with its color palette. In the full version or in a contracted form, printed or digital, to be always legible and recognizable in every context and space.

Most of the brands I have created already had names chosen by my clients. However, when starting from the naming process, an additional initial step is required, which must also consider the aspect of acquiring online domains.

And finally, the time comes to revisit Jacques’ dear old book and treat the brand as a person to shape the brand. Or rather, as a star.

Main areas for brand design.
  • Naming for new brands, products, services and research for their respective top-level domains.
  • Study, design and construction of the brand and necessary elements identified in collaboration with the client, including defining minimum dimensions, clear space, positive and negative versions, and color variations.
  • Preparation of the visual identity for brand treatment, tailored to meet specific requirements. This includes a document to be shared internally and with third parties to ensure consistent brand usage and image across different contexts.
  • Visual design activities for icons, illustrations and conversion of images and logos into vector graphics format.
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