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Beauty captivates momentarily, BUT.

Lasting impact comes from thorough research, extensive testing and meticulous design principles.

Hi, I’m Stefano, born in Milan. As the son of a copywriter and advertising creative, I was immersed in the world of commercials and became deeply captivated by the web.

I am a consultant who is still passionate about my profession and, in addition to operational skills, values the human and personal aspects.
Reliability, punctuality, sense of responsibility, honesty and consistency are integral to my approach.

Throughout my career, I have embraced challenges, changes and many projects in different industries, always with enthusiasm and a commitment to growth.

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in creating online projects, I am driven to achieve goals through captivating user experiences, customized design solutions and meticulous attention to detail.

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A young Stefano Bergomi working at PC.

My passion lies in UX-UI projects but I have also developed a multidisciplinary skill set encompassing website design, digital marketing, SEO and web writing, brand and identity, print design, packaging and 2D animation.

My background enables me to enhance projects with all the skills and knowledge at my disposal to achieve strong usability and create user-centric experiences, collaborating harmoniously with development and marketing teams.

I prioritize aesthetics, fluidity, harmony, balance, consistency, attention to brand identity and tone of voice.

But above all, my ultimate dedication lies in effectively and efficiently achieving goals.

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Zooming into life, one pixel at a time.
Innate qualities of a UX-UI designer.
  • Altruism
  • Generosity
  • Sensitivity
  • Listening skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Patience

Curious for more? 5 Facts about me.

Stefano Bergomi Profile Snowboard
Tail grab in progress...


I had a snowboarding sports association where we created one of the first snow parks in Italy, located in Valsassina. The association’s brand was the first I designed.

My father's vintage typewriter.


During the latter years of his career, my father taught me the art of copywriting and the magic of words as they gracefully flow, delight and originality. I still cherish his first typewriter.

Stefano Bergomi Profile Cats
Socks and Macchia were close friends.


I am a cat lover and appreciate their essence, elegance and independence. We had a cat that looked like Socks, Clinton’s feline companion, from whom we received a dedicated postcard from the White House.

Stefano Bergomi Portfolio NFT Giulio Canepa Lucky the 51 Skully
Flash for fantasy.


I studied tourism and languages, english, french and german. As the front desk manager of a 4-star hotel, I was captivated by Flash technology, which led me to specialize in multimedia techniques.

Roger that. Forever.


My parents told me, “Do the sport you love, but do it.” As a former athlete in soccer, basketball, french boxing and tennis, I enjoy swimming, running, going to the gym and snowboarding. Training is an integral part of my life.