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Packaging Design

Enhancing product experience through thoughtful design and quality materials.

Packaging design requires a combination of appealing aesthetics, effective communication, practical functionality and regulatory compliance.

Throughout my professional journey, I have been fortunate and determined to experience many different experiences and emotions. I even managed to make it onto the shelves of large retailers.

There was a period in which I worked on various packaging design projects for different types of products, but coincidentally or as a proud Italian, they were all in the food & beverage sector.

I consider packaging design to be a complex yet fulfilling activity, especially when you have the opportunity to create an entire line of packaging with different products, packages, labels, supports and materials.

Packaging design for large-scale distribution is a fascinating and complex challenge. In the realm of store shelves, every package strives to stand out from the competition and capture the customer’s attention in an instant.

It needs to be visually appealing, effectively communicate the product’s message and reflect the brand’s identity.

Personally, I focus on the design aspect and do not handle the specific packaging engineering, which presents additional challenges such as ease of stacking and efficient use of shelf space, as well as durability to ensure product protection during transportation and storage.

The legibility of text and clarity of information are crucial in helping consumers make quick and informed purchasing decisions.
In addition to being pleasant and attractive, pack design must also consider labeling requirements, barcodes and legal information.

Alongside packaging design, I also engage in broader visual identity creation, involving various supports, materials and applications, as well as merchandising lines.

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