Stefano Bergomi Brand Desktop

Passionate UX-UI designer with a multidisciplinary approach.

My passion lies in UX-UI design projects where I can also profit by a multidisciplinary skill set encompassing website-ecommerce design, SEO, UX/web writing, digital marketing, analytics,a brand/print/packaging design and 2D animation.

Projects in the spotlight.

The UX design process is currently in progress for the new version of my betting platform. We’ve completed quantitative research, conducted remote user interviews, updated personas, and mapped out pains and goals. Let’go to the next step.

I’m a Braintrust Approved Talent, now you can hire directly on the Braintrust platform.

Upcoming go-live of the website redesign for a leading company in the fixed capital real estate investment market.

Discover the NFT art project created with artist Matteo Maria Filippo Martini, the “Alphabet” collection.

Let's collaborate.

Let’s collaborate and bring your vision to life. With expertise in UX-UI, websites, digital marketing, and branding I’ll help create an exceptional online presence that resonates with your audience.

Get in touch and let’s start our successful collaboration.